Business Computers Systems in Associate of Applied Science

      • Specialization: Networking Specialist

Business Computers Systems in Associate of Applied Science

      • Specialization: Computer Specialist


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01 15 - Present
CS Network & Computer SVC
"Alpha & Omega Technologies"
2908 Saltillo St.
Hidalgo, TX
(956) 929-2327

10 02- 05 14                         
First Choice Healthcare, Inc.
1801 S. 5th Street
Suite 117 A
McAllen, TX.
(956) 664-2659

Duties: Fiber Optic Infrastructures from the Physical Layer to the Application Layer. Network Administration, Troubleshooting, Checking for constant connectivity, administering rights to employees, keeping network at a highest security level, enabling firewalls for outside intrusion, P.C. upgrades. Installations of Software and Hardware, Purchasing and Dealing with outside sales vendors. Constant awareness of networking and P.C. issues. Technical support with all workstations. Phone etiquette with technical support in troubleshooting the software. Updating and upgrading of hardware and software for a better work environment on employees. Setting up local area networks in different offices, configurations of wan connections with our lans. Manage wireless network settings with wireless routers, wireless access points, wireless range extenders and wireless internet connectivity with laptops, computers, and pocket pc’s.  Enable VPN Tunneling with IP Sectors from other branch offices to main office.  Administer Wireless TCP/IP  Cameras to be viewed over internet for security reasons at branch offices of storages and medical equipment.  Setting up users and their profiles through the Novell Netware 5.1, Windows 2003, 2008 Standard Edition. Setting up Active Directories with Domain Controllers on the Windows Environment. Administering user rights with Novell 5.1, Windows 2003, and Windows XP Professional, Windows 7, & Windows 8.   Synchronization with one unique profile which includes user id and password.  Remotely Administer Office Servers and Computers via TCP/IP from a remote side.  Able to manage seven servers, one DVR Server, sixteen cameras, remote cameras, forty five workstations, twelve network printers and three local stand alone printers, Seven laptops, twenty pocket pc’s, thirty digital cameras, twenty five cell phones, and ten digital pagers with a very minimum down time.  Installations of all types of software for workstation.  Setting up network printers for all users to utilize only one printer and to keep expenditures to a minimal, and updating configurations through the access points (DSL) routers for security purposes. Knowledgeable with Home health, CBA, PHC, and DME Software; all in the health field type of software. Implementation and managing of Watchgaurd Firebox Firewall System for all of our offices.  Maintaining high security for medical patients through our network.  Setting up a Network Infrastructure from the physical layer to the Application Layer.  Configuring and Monitoring GPS for company vehicles.  Configuring and Monitoring Security Cameras via TCP/IP remotely through the DVR Server on lan.  Configuration of Routers, Switches, Servers, Access Points, Wireless Routers, Range Extenders, Computers, Firewalls, Wireless Cameras, Remote Administration via lan and wan, and configurations of time clocks with biometric systems integration.

01' 02" - 08' 02"      COLLEGE INTERNSHIP             
Pharr-San Juan-Alamo School District I.S.D.
800 South Stewart Road
San Juan, Texas 78589
(956) 702-5984

Duties: Networking, Cabling, P.C. Support, and Installations of hardware and software,

troubleshooting workstations and networking devices. Updates on software and hardware on school campuses computers. Completed service order calls for clients on various problems on workstation throughout the school district. Internship for both Associates Degrees.